Our Team

Every interaction you have with a New Age team member is built on the foundation of our five guiding principles:

  • Trust
  • Reliability
  • Communication
  • Honesty
  • Exceptional Service

That’s our promise to you. If you ever feel we’re not living up to our principles, please contact us.

Ron Tessendorf, President

Ron Tessendorf


Paul Hoban, Vice President of Business Development

Paul Hoban

Vice President of Business Development

Virjean Weber, Vice President of Administration

Virjean Weber

Vice President of Administration

Adam Brustin, Director of Sales

Adam Brustin

Director of Sales

Kevin Sester, IT Adminstrator

Kevin Sester

IT Adminstrator

Kathy Rindskopf, Accounts Payable Manager

Kathy Rindskopf

Accounts Payable Manager

Nicole Meek, Recruitment Manager

Nicole Meek

Recruitment Manager

George Gutierrez, Operations Manager

George Gutierrez

Operations Manager

Ana Navarro, Senior Operations Manager

Ana Navarro

Senior Operations Manager

Mark Kresmer, Lead Account Manager

Mark Kremsner

Lead Account Manager

Aaron Gregory, Lead Operations Specialist

Aaron Gregory

Lead Operations Specialist

Cate Hutcherson, Account Manager

Cate Hutcherson

Account Manager

Rob Gavin, Business Development Manager

Rob Gavin

Business Development Manager

Tami Rohr,  Business Development Manager

Tami Rohr

Business Development Manager

Chris Willett, Business Development Manager

Chris Willett

Business Development Manager

Tamiko Lanier, Business Development Manager

Tamiko Lanier

Business Development Manager

Blake Slagter, Business Development Manager

Blake Slagter

Business Development Manager

Mike Desautels, Carrier Sales Team Leader

Mike Desautels

Carrier Sales Team Leader

James Sykoras, Carrier Sales Team Leader

James Sykoras

Carrier Sales Team Leader

Jennie Hayes, Carrier Sales Team Leader

Jennifer Hayes

Carrier Sales Team Leader

Joe Verzillo, Senior Carrier Sales Representative

Joe Verzillo

Senior Carrier Sales Representative

Mike Donatelli, Carrier Sales Rep

Mike Donatelli

Carrier Sales Rep

Chima Owuso, Carrier Sales Rep

Chima Owuso

Carrier Sales Rep

Jared Armstrong, Carrier Sales Rep

Jared Armstrong

Carrier Sales Rep

Dalton Divine, Carrier Sales Rep

Dalton Divine

Carrier Sales Rep

Janice Rosa, Operations Specialist

Janice Rosa

Operations Specialist

Charice Grove, Operations Specialist

Charice Grove

Operations Specialist

Dan Marotta, Operations Specialist

Dan Marotta

Operations Specialist

Tommy Muller, Operations Specialist

Tommy Muller

Operations Specialist

Michael Quinn, Operations Specialist

Michael Quinn

Operations Specialist